Price versus Cost

So today I read an interesting opinion piece in the Guardian.

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I don’t agree with everything said or the way it’s expressed, but I do think it makes an important point – there are entire industries with a financial interest in our body woes.

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Falling Down to Get Back Up

We all hit stumbling blocks in life, both literally and figuratively. That said I think you have to ask – how often do you have to fall on your butt due to the same block before you’re just a numpty for not remembering to avoid it?

And that thought inspires today’s blog – dieting stumbling blocks. The same damn ones I fall for every time lol.

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For shame

Guilty confession here – as much as I want to encourage everybody to be as healthy and happy in their skin as they can, sometimes I find it deeply irritating when somebody who’s barely been dieting for five minutes has lost a dress size/big chunk of weight already. I want to be happy for them, I do, it’s good work and they should keep it up. Problem is it just makes me glare at my own flab which takes forever to shift and has to be shifted in large amounts before I drop a size lol.


(It’s very odd – despite some reasonable large fluctuation in weight over the past few years, I’ve really only fluctuated one dress size. Guess my body just distributes it weirdly lol)