Price versus Cost

So today I read an interesting opinion piece in the Guardian.

Read it here

I don’t agree with everything said or the way it’s expressed, but I do think it makes an important point – there are entire industries with a financial interest in our body woes.


Obviously the beauty industry wants to sell us products on the basis that they will make us look and therefore feel better about ourselves. The fashion industry sells us clothes on the same basis – and within all of that there’s an implication in there (however unintentional) that au naturel is not good enough. There’s been reams of discussion about that over the years, about the effect of overly thin models and Photoshopping etc. But how many of us actually stop to think abouthow that applies to food consumption?

Diet industries make a lot more money out of yo-yo dieters who keep having to come back than people who manage to keep it off. The food industry while not necessarily needing to make us fat certainly has a vested interest in cutting its costs, making food as cheaply as possible and catering to the low fat/diet demand. But how good for us is that? Lots of the cheaper alternatives mean higher fat and sugar, hiding in all manner of foods where we don’t expect it. We all know that biscuits and cake will be full of sugar, but how about those cereal bars we pick up as an alternative? Heck, plenty of allegedly healthy breakfast cereals aren’t actually so great. The ubiquity of ingredients like high fructose corn syrup sneak all manner of things into our diets without us really being conscious of it. We all immediately assume that “low fat” equals better for us, but the fact is that fat is what gives these foods a lot of their taste. When you take it out you have to replace it and what do they often replace it with? Sugar.


As always, nobody makes us eat these things. But I do think there is a lack of awareness amongst the general public about how deceptively unhealthy some of the presumed good choices are and a lack of accountability for these industries and the stuff they pump into our food. And I do feel that is exacerbating the rise in obesity, among other things.

What does everyone think? Have you had any horror moments when realising that what you thought was a sensible choice was actually quite a bad one calorie wise?


Much love, Curvy Girl


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