The One Where I’m Being Lazy

I’m going to take the cheat’s way out and just link to something I liked:

Why Self-Acceptance Is Key

This is a bit topical for me right now. Am going through a phase of struggling with¬† my loss and my appearance getting me down a bit. It’s weird how one day to the next my view of myself in the mirror can so drastically change.


So I have totally slacked off on this blog, and was sat here pondering what to write about. Then it hit me – I can’t believe I haven’t told you the Princess story yet!


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How To Be a Princess (or not)

Those little voices

Haven’t posted much in the last couple of weeks because I’ve been going through a very annoying on/off period in my motivation. Haven’t really felt like being insightful on the topic lol.

Was inspired today however by an article I read in the new issue of UK Glamour, which talks about where we get our body insecurities from. A lot of the dialogue around this topic is about the media and how celebrities etc affect our body image, but interestingly this article asked whether we actually get more of it from those close to us. Watching a family member struggle with a diet, being in school and taking all the banter (some jocular and some more malevolent) about each other’s features to heart. That kind of thing.


So where do those voices niggling at us and telling us our boobs aren’t perky enough or that we’ve got bingo wings really come from?

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Falling Down to Get Back Up

We all hit stumbling blocks in life, both literally and figuratively. That said I think you have to ask – how often do you have to fall on your butt due to the same block before you’re just a numpty for not remembering to avoid it?

And that thought inspires today’s blog – dieting stumbling blocks. The same damn ones I fall for every time lol.

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For shame

Guilty confession here – as much as I want to encourage everybody to be as healthy and happy in their skin as they can, sometimes I find it deeply irritating when somebody who’s barely been dieting for five minutes has lost a dress size/big chunk of weight already. I want to be happy for them, I do, it’s good work and they should keep it up. Problem is it just makes me glare at my own flab which takes forever to shift and has to be shifted in large amounts before I drop a size lol.


(It’s very odd – despite some reasonable large fluctuation in weight over the past few years, I’ve really only fluctuated one dress size. Guess my body just distributes it weirdly lol)

Perception is Reality

So today I’ve been wandering around feeling pretty good about the way I look and my outfit. That’s kind of funny to me. Not because it’s rare, but because yesterday I felt the exact opposite.

Isn’t it weird how your feelings about your appearance often seem to have so little relation to how you actually look?


I’m in an almost identical outfit to yesterday’s, although this one is block colour instead of a pattern. I did wear a minimal amount of make up today (just some BB cream, blusher and mascara) whereas yesterday I wore none. Those are the only differences between yesterday and today yet my feelings about how I look are polar opposite.¬† I go make up free all the time without issue, so I doubt that’s what caused the big perception shift.

Don’t mind telling you that yesterday whenever I looked down at my stomach I got annoyed and the words “I look pregnant” flittered through my head lol. I think we all have days like that, days when for some reason we just don’t feel good about ourselves. What strikes me as so odd though is how little in common those days seem to have. I have had good body image days and bad body image days in the same outfit. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I don’t see too many of my facial flaws but on others I think I look like a troll (not the internet kind, the sleeps under a bridge kind). I can’t see any common denominators like days when I’m depressed or anything like that. It’s kind of strange.


But as a break from bemoaning some of the nasty shit that gets said about weight gain (because it’s very depressing to talk about nothing but the negative lol) I thought I’d just do a post of some things that give me a little lift and make me feel ready to face the world.

Disclaimer: nobody is sponsoring or paying me for any advertising etc. The products I mention are just my personal faves and things I actually use. I bloody well wish they were paying me but sadly not!

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