So I have totally slacked off on this blog, and was sat here pondering what to write about. Then it hit me – I can’t believe I haven’t told you the Princess story yet!


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How To Be a Princess (or not)


Fat Denial (but not the type you think)

Am I the only who’s noticed how utterly incensed people get if there is so much as a hint of a suggestion that weight gain is/was/can be caused by something other than overeating? I’ve seen it in many places – forums, comment sections of many different sites including some newspapers whose readers I would assume were fairly intelligent – and it does amuse and bemuse me.

Are people really so attached to the idea that being overweight is a failing that they cannot accept that it may have more than one cause? Gluttony is the only acceptable explanation?

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Alternatives to the F Word: the Language of Being Fat

Having made my aversion to the F word clear, it kind of begs the question – if not “fat” then what?

A lot of the adjectives people tend to use in place of “fat” get mocked. It’s said that they’re a form of denial and of avoiding the issue. However, when as previously discussed the word “fat” is so heavily loaded is it really any wonder that people look for alternatives? There are plenty of derogatory synonyms like chunky, blubbery, chubby and so on which are far too socially acceptable to use, yet sometimes it can be a struggle to find terms with more positive or even simply neutral connotations.

So what can we call ourselves if we don’t feel like accepting all that negativity? How does language play into things?

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